More Than Just the Classroom

This is about hands-on experience. We don’t want your college experience to just be about learning theory. Our leadership internships are designed to give you a clear experience in the ministry with experienced mentors. We want you to receive real training that can be used for your future ministry.

The Opportunities

River City Leadership College students are given the opportunity to serve various ministries of River City Church and sit under great teaching from the staff and team members overseeing them. These leadership internships represent the overall departments of River City, but RCLC students will be involved in so much more than just these ministries. Students also receive elective course credit for being enrolled in internship courses throughout their degree. Their leadership internship hours fulfill those internship course requirements–up to 3 credit hours per semester.

Business Administration

Did you know that behind the scenes of a large church hides a multi-million-dollar budget administered by a business office team? The RCLC Business Administration Leadership Internship explores the world of church administration as well as accounting and business management principles. This Leadership Internship will span two not-for-profit companies representing five unique ministry organizations. This practical experience will help you prepare for real-world business roles even beyond the church.

Children’s Ministry

River City Kids is the Children’s Ministry of River City Church. In the Children’s Ministry Leadership Internship, RCLC students will learn how to minister to children effectively, safely, and in a relevant, age-appropriate, fun, and exciting way. From infants to 5th graders, the children’s ministry of River City Church is alive and moving forward and reaches hundreds of children each week.

Community Outreach

Do you desire to serve God by demonstrating Christian service and justice outside the physical walls of the church? RCLC students involved in the Community Outreach Leadership Internship are exposed to a broad range of community needs and ministry opportunities in an urban and suburban context through academic study, field trips, and practical experiences. Students develop strategies for effective ministries that connect with other community non-profits and ministries that recognize the diverse religious, social, and demographic variables in a community


Learn the ins and outs of AG World Missions while participating in hands-on missions work. The Missions Leadership Internship will include time spent with our lead pastor and former missionary, participation in our missions committee, participation in planning special missions events and getting to meet with missionaries.


What is a service without production? The RCLC Production Leadership Internship represents technology, media, and service production. Here, RCLC students will learn how to run sound, lights, cameras, social media, graphics, video, and more. Dive into an integral part of the local church.


Work alongside the RCLC Director to develop leadership skill sets that are transferable to any leadership setting. The RCLC Leadership Internship will include opportunities to develop public speaking skills, marketing and advertisement skills, an emphasis on interpersonal communication skills, and expansion of administrative abilities.

Student Ministry

River City Students is the student ministry of River City, featuring students from 6th to 12th grade. RCLC students who participate in the Student Ministry Leadership Internship will be given the opportunity to serve in a vibrant, growing youth ministry and learn what it means to form the next generation of the church.


Do you live to make the name of Jesus famous through music? River City worship is alive and relevant for the church of today with upbeat, exciting music. The Worship Leadership Internship gives students exposure to worship leading in the local church and provides an excellent foundation in the technical elements necessary in the contemporary worship experience.

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