Discover Your Calling

River City Leadership College students discover and explore their calling to ministry in the church and in the marketplace. Want to pursue a college education? Want to pursue professional ministry? RCLC students don’t have to choose – they experience both. All in one place. Your experience at River City Leadership College will give you extraordinary exposure to reaching people in ways that are innovative, culturally relevant, and spiritually impactful.

Choose Your Path

River City Leadership College students are encouraged to pursue ministry in a variety of professional settings, inside and outside of the traditional church. Students may pursue a traditional degree in church leadership and others perhaps not so traditional. Dream of being in law enforcement? Great, we can help! Called to counsel people out of additions? Come learn with us! Desire to minister in a corporate business setting? You have a place here!


Develop Your Calling

River City staff have proven success and experience in a number of fields. International Missions. Worship Arts. Community Engagement. Business Operations and Management. Biblical Counseling. Children’s Outreach. Graphic Design. Event Promotion and Production. Wherever God is leading you to serve, we can help you develop your ministerial calling.


Make Waves

The River City Church mission is “To create a community where waves of people are transformed by the love of God.”  This mission guides all ministries of the church, including River City Leadership College. Students are exposed to a broad range of community needs and ministry opportunities in urban and suburban contexts through academic study, off-campus learning opportunities, and practicum experiences gained through involvement in River City Church ministries.

Exceptional Value

Finances should never be an obstacle for the next generation of church leaders. River City Leadership College students will receive their degree for 70% less than the cost of the average tuition at a private, Christian college ($25,758 via The College Board).