Q: Is River City Leadership College only for students who are exploring a call to full-time vocational ministry?

A: Yes. This program is reserved specifically for future pastors, ministers, missionaries, and church leaders.

Q: Do I have to attend River City Church?

A: Yes, all River City Leadership College students are expected to physically attend River City Church. Any and all ministry practicums that are offered through the Leadership College must be completed in person.

Q: How long do I attend?

A: If you come in as a freshman with no prior educational credits, you can attend school with us for your four years of college. We will not accept students beyond their second semester sophomore year by credit. We want to invest in our students for as close to four years as possible.

Q: Can I still have a job?

A: Yes, and it is actually highly recommended as long as it does not interfere with education and ministry practicum requirements. As a college student, any extra income to help with additional costs during schooling is a huge help.

Q: What is the weekly schedule like?

A: Students will work between 30-40 ministry hours a week, depending on the events or activities taking place. Monday through Thursday 9am – 4:30pm are regular RCLC hours. Students attend rehearsals, meetings, and both services on Sundays.



Q: Will the Associate of Arts in Bible go towards my Bachelor of Arts in Church Leadership degree?

A: Yes, your AA in Bible is the freshman and sophomore level courses for the Church Leadership degree.

Q: Will the Associate of Arts in Bible transfer to other programs?

A:Yes, your AA degree includes the basic general education and Bible classes needed for any of SAGU’s ministry degrees.

Q: Is River City Leadership College accredited?

A: Yes. We partner with Southwestern Assemblies of God University who is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Q: Can I transfer previous college credits?

A: Yes, SAGU will accept transfer credits, but if you transfer in with over 64 credits, you will not be accepted as an RCLC student due to the significant change in the designed timeline we want for our students in this program.

Q: What are the academic requirements to apply?

A: Your High School diploma or your GED certificate is required, as well as the SAT or ACT. If the SAT or ACT hasn’t been taken, SAGU may require students to take placement exams.

Q: Will I receive college credit for my practicum hours?

A: Yes, your RCLC practicum hours can be used for credit in internship courses throughout the AA Bible degree. Transcripts pending, each student will be able to receive up to 3 credit hours per semester for their internship hours with us.

Q: Is there a chance that the discounted tuition rate for the AA in Bible will be extended to the BA in Church leadership one day?

A: Our current partnership (because it is brand new) with SAGU allows our students to receive the discounted rate for their AA degree in Bible, but we anticipate that this will grow into the BA as well once we acquire more Leadership College students over the next year. Regardless of the tuition rate after the AA degree, students can still continue working to receive their Bachelor of Arts in Church Leadership through SAGU Distance Education.



Q: Do you offer paid internships?

A: River City Church does not currently offer any paid internships. River City Leadership College itself is designed to be a training ground for students who will one day be paid full-time wages in full-time ministry.

Q: Are there any breaks during the year?

A: Yes, your breaks will be nearly proportional to that of SAGU online schooling (distance education) calendar with certain exceptions pertinent to your chosen ministry practicum. You can access the SAGU schedule at by clicking here. This means that for non-local students, they will have a winter and summer break.

Q: How can I receive financial aid?

A: RCLC students can apply for federal financial aid. Students will need to fill out a FAFSA, and speak with a representative (from the financial aid department) at SAGU. Because of the reduced tuition rate for the AA in Bible, RCLC students are not eligible for any additional SAGU institutional aid.